Perfection by Julie Metz

Perfection is the true story of author, Julie Metz’s life. Back in January 2003, Julie’s husband of thirteen years, Henry collapsed on their kitchen floor. Henry went into cardiac arrest from a blood clot that had formed in Henry’s leg and traveled up into his lung. Julie was than left to care for their six and half year old daughter, Liza. Luckily for Julie she had a bunch of good friends to help her. Slowly as time passed, Julie and Liza adjusted to their new life. That is until, Julie learns the truth about Henry. Henry kept a secret from her for two years. Now Julie must pick up the pieces again and figure out what she is going to do with this new information about her husband. The man she loved and thought she knew everything about.

I did not know what to expect from this book when I first picked it up to start reading it. I didn’t fell sorry for Julie, which in my opinion is a good thing. She was not a victim but a survivor. She is a strong woman, though Julie wasn’t very strong at first. I found it endearing when Liza wanted to mix her father’s and their cat’s ashes together and sprinkle some of them on the flowers outside. As much as I found Julie’s story good, there were times when I didn’t wish to know every detail and at these times it felt like the book went on and on forever. It was nice to see how Henry and Julie’s relationship came to be. Though, I didn’t like Henry. Overall, though I thought that Perfection despite having some flaws is still a book worth giving a try.


Book Bird Dog said…
I read and reviewed Perfection some time ago and enjoyed it up to a point, as you did. I wanted so much to hear Henry's side of the story, which is impossible, of course, as he died! I thought there must have been an equally interesting story from his point of view. Too bad we will never know it!
Marce said…
I realised my comment didn't post yesterday.

I have added to my Wishlist, i'm intrigued by what she found out.

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