I am a Survivor and Proud of it!

I want to thank Mrs. Konop Baker for sending me a copy of her book. I met her on The Debutante Ball Blog http://www.thedebutanteball.com/. A place to meet new authors that are currently working on or just released their first book.

Gail Konop Baker brings readers a heart-felt, gut-wrenching beautiful story in her debut novel. Cancer is a Bitch is Gail’s own personal story. I commend Mrs. Konop Baker on sharing her story as it takes a lot of strength and guts to turn your life into a book and not just any books but an outstanding, wonderful, incredible book. I picked up this book and started reading; before you know it I was done.

One thing that made this book really enjoyable was Gail’s sense of humor through the whole situation. There was evidence of this from things like the titles of each chapter to the comments Gail made. I have only one comment to make and that is I will never look at a chicken breast the same way again. I just feel in love with Mrs. Konop Baker and her family. Gail Konop Baker is one author to be on the look-out for as she will blow you away but in a good way. I look forward to many, many more books to come from Mrs. Konop Baker.

Check out more information abour Gail Konop Baker on her website at http://www.gailkonopbaker.com/


Linda Jacobs said…
I like books like this. When I was a teenager, our library had a whole section containing disease stories and I read them all. I could never be a nurse or doctor but medical situations fascinate me.

I'll be looking for it.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a very powerful story!

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