The Love Note


Focused on a career in medicine and not on romance, Willa Duvall is thrown slightly off course during the summer of 1865 when she discovers a never-opened love letter in a crack of her old writing desk. Compelled to find the passionate soul who penned it and the person who never received it, she takes a job as a nurse at the seaside estate of Crestwicke Manor.

Everyone at Crestwicke has feelings—mostly negative ones—about the man who wrote the letter, but he seems to have disappeared. With plenty of enticing clues but few answers, Willa's search becomes even more complicated when she misplaces the letter and it passes from person to person in the house, each finding a thrilling or disheartening message in its words. 

Laced with mysteries large and small, this romantic Victorian-era tale of love lost, love deferred, and love found is sure to delight.

My Review

I was looking forward to reading this book. While, it started out slowly for me, I kept reading as I did like the lovely tone of the story and was intrigued to see where it was going. However, after reading several chapters; it became apparent to me that this book could not hold my attention. 

With the combination of the slow pacing of the storyline and my lack of emotional connection towards the characters, I really struggled to stay in the moment while reading this book. I even skimmed parts of the story to make it go faster but when that did not work I put the book down and did not pick it up again. 


Mystica said…
It is hard when a book disappoints especially because one does look forward to reading within time constraints as well.

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