Love and Honor


Jessica thought she was prepared to be married to a soldier, but with each deployment, Danny pulled further and further away, and she felt her love hadn’t been enough. Even his best friend, Anton couldn’t seem to reach him. Before his last deployment, Danny told Anton to always take care of Jessica, as if he knew his fate. When Danny returns home in a casket, the guilt of not being able to save him comes crashing down on them both. And for Anton, he carries the guilt of always loving Jessica but keeping those feelings to himself.

Can Anton honor Danny’s request and convince Jessica to cast aside their guilt in order to turn their friendship into love?

My Review

I liked this short story from author, Laura M. Baird. While, there is chemistry shared between Jessica and Anton, it was just a sliver featured in this story. The moment(s) were short and brief. Although, it was enough to allow me to imagine Jessica and Anton settling down and having a good life together. 

I think any reader who reads this story would want to try out a full length novel from this author. Laura shows that she can write romance with engaging characters and a good storyline. 


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