The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted

Tom Hope doesn’t think he’s much of a farmer, but he’s doing his best. He can’t have been much of a husband to Trudy, either, judging by her sudden departure. It’s only when she returns, pregnant to someone else, that he discovers his surprising talent as a father. So when Trudy finds Jesus and takes little Peter away with her to join the holy rollers, Tom’s heart breaks all over again.

Enter Hannah Babel, quixotic smalltown bookseller: the second Jew—and the most vivid person—Tom has ever met. He dares to believe they could make each other happy.

But it is 1968: twenty-four years since Hannah and her own little boy arrived at Auschwitz. Tom Hope is taking on a batttle with heartbreak he can barely even begin to imagine.

My Review

The best way I can describe this book is...truly amazing! It was not long after I started reading this book that I instantly fell in love with Tom. He is soft spoken and humble but so kind. The way he cared for both Hannah and his son, Peter was great. It was easy to see how Hannah fell in love with him.

Speaking of Hannah; she amazed me as well. The way she pushed through adversity was wonderful. I like Hannah was excited to see Tom become so enthralled by reading books. While, their relationship was slow moving; it was filled with real love.

There was never a moment that I did not love about this book. It was like finding a treasure. Mr. Hillman has the gift as a storyteller. The Bookshop of the Broken Hearted is like a warm hug. The characters in this book will envelop you and have you calling them friends. Readers have to read this book. Not to be missed.


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