The Bursar's Wife

Kocharyan is a private detective based in Cambridge. When he is approached by the glamorous Sylvia Booker, the wife of the bursar of Morley College, to help investigate her daughter’s suspicious behaviour, a series of strange events unfold: an unfaithful wife is found dead and Sylvia’s husband commits suicide. A mild stabbing and the unwanted intervention of female police DI Stubbings cause George to wonder if all the threads are connected

My Review

I have never heard of this author. Which to be honest I could not tell from the writing who the famous author really is behind the identity of E.G. Rodford. Yet, as I dived into this book, I instantly fell in love with Kocharyan. I like his no nonsense attitude. It showed he was not perfect and human. Although be warned as there is some language used through out this book with the "f" word. Yet it is not used excessively but in good content. Then there are the other characters in this story. They were not just like extras in a play but they were both good main characters and secondary characters as well. They added to the story Plus, I found a few of them to be wacky (in a good way). The story read fast and I will be looking for more books by this author and look forward to seeing Kocharyan again.


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