A spaceship arrives in 2065 Earth, and world leaders salivate at the possibility of interstellar trade with the Maleem. Dr. Zeke Landry, the Guardian of Earth, activates his telepathic connection with his ancient race, the Tamans, who tell him that these explorers are merciless destroyers. The Maleem are given the Red Carpet treatment. In return, they award jeweled necklaces to key leaders and trouble begins. Zeke and Forman are once again tasked to save the world. They’re outgunned, outmaneuvered, and outclassed, but they are humanity’s only hope.

My Review

I am a fan of sci-fi, futuristic military, and dystopian thrillers. This is why I was looking forward to reading this book. Yet, I struggled hard to get excited about this book. So much so that I could only read a page or two at a time. I put the book down with my intent of brushing my hands of it. However, I picked it up one last time as I had some more time and less distractions. Not thinking it would change anything about how I felt with this book. I was wrong. Although it did take me until about chapter 18 and about 70 pages into the story to really become invested in what was transpiring in the book but it was a good one. Part of this might have been because this book is book two so I did not develop that relationship with this storyline right from the beginning.

Yet in my opinion I would have to say this book read more like a futuristic military type book than a dystopian thriller. However again I did get a good image of what the Maleem are and what they looked like. Zeke had a lot of knowledge that helped make him an good adversary to the Maleem.


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