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THE STORY: By working at her grandfather’s repair shop, sorting the small gears and dusting the curio cabinet inside, Grey has tried to stay unnoticed—or as unnoticed as a tall, strong girl can in a town of diminutive, underdeveloped citizens. Then her best friend, Whit, is caught by the Chemists’ enforcers after trying to protect Grey one night, and after seeing the extent of his punishment, suddenly taking risks seems the only decision she can make. But with the risk comes the reality that the Chemists know her family’s secret, and the Chemists soon decide to use her for their own purposes. Panicked, Grey retreats to the only safe place she knows—her grandfather’s shop. There, however, a larger secret confronts her when her touch unlocks the old curio cabinet in the corner and reveals a world where porcelain and clockwork people are real. There, she could find the key that may save Whit’s life and also end the Chemists’ dark rule forever.

My Review
I was first drawn to this book by the lovely book cover, than by the fact that the author is a Colorado author, and lastly by the summary of this book. I do like reading steampunk books but they can be hit and miss for me. This book is what steampunk is about and how to do it right. I instantly was transported into the world that Grey resided in. I could picture everything and it all had a touch of steampunk elements to everything.

While I am talking about this book I have to also mention the whimsical world behind the curio. All of the people who live in this alternate world are memorable and intriguing. This is another reason that I enjoyed reading this book. It helped because for the first third of the story there was not a lot happening in the action department but after that it was full of action. The story did end nicely. I can't wait to read the next book and continue the battle with Grey, Whit, and the rest of the defenders.


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