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Praise for Chronal Engine:  “Think Survivor and Robinson Crusoe, with a helping of Jurassic Park and a seasoning of The Time Machine.” —School Library Journal    “This is exactly the book young dino fans would write themselves.” —Booklist    In this time-travel dinosaur adventure, Max Pierson-Takahashi and his friend Petra return to the days of the dinosaurs, where they must survive attacks from mosasaurs, tyrannosaurs, and other deadly creatures, including a vengeful, pistol-toting girl from the 1920s. The fast pace, mind-bending time twists, and Greg Leitch Smith’s light, humorous touch make this an exciting, fun choice for readers looking for adventure and nonstop action.

My Review

I have not read any of the prior books from this author so I am not familiar with the adventures that Max and his friend, Petra have encountered with the prehistoric age. Yet, despite having not read the prior books, this book can be read as a stand alone novel even though it states it is a sequel to Chronal Engine. My nephews will have fun reading this book about all of the different dinosaurs. Some that I have never heard of myself. The pictures help tell the story and really show the lay of the land.
Again my nephews will enjoy reading this book but there are some large words, so to read this book on their own they may struggle some and need help with pronouncing the larger words. The characters in the book were smart and there was the right amount of action to keep the flow of the story moving along at a good pace. I will check out the prior novels as well for my nephews.


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