Heads Up Philosophy

The second installment in DK's new Heads Up series, Heads Up Philosophy addresses the issues and theories that are most intriguing and relevant to the curious minds of teens — making a difficult topic easier to comprehend. Questions such as "What is knowledge?" "What is reality?" "What is the mind?" and "What's right and wrong?" are all addressed, offering big ideas, simply explained. Written and designed specifically for the teen market, Heads Up Philosophy combines challenging but clear text with cool graphic illustrations that clarify and explain theories and arguments.

Biography spreads cover the famous quotes of great philosophers including Socrates, Aristotle, Friedrich Nietzsche, Epicurus, Plato, and Thomas Aquinas, while major theories and debates including epistemology, metaphysics, and ideologies are also explained. Heads Up Philosophy also includes case study panels, diagrams, and real world spreads to show how philosophical theories relate to everyday life.

Making a difficult subject more approachable, Heads Up Philosophy is designed to provoke, entertain, and stimulate young minds.

My Review

If this book had not been sent to me for a chance to review than I never would have purchased a copy myself. I have not been that interested or given much thought on the topic of this book "Philosophy". However after reading this book, I have a better understanding of just how important philosophy plays a role in our lives. Having no knowledge of this topic I thought this book was very well written. It was written with lots of great facts and information. Yet at a level that someone like me can understand without feeling like this book was written over my head. I found the information in this book to be very informative and interesting. All of the references were good as well. Check this book out if you are interested in philosophy.


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