Book Review: Falling for the Fake Boyfriend


Will a fake play score her heart? ♥️

One football player.
Two simple rules.
Three fake dates.

Zero possibility of falling for each other.

From USA Today bestselling author S.E. Rose and award-winning author Sierra Hill comes a new college football romance series.

My Review

I really loved this book a lot. Lucy came right out of the gate with her in your face sassiness towards Emmett. She did not let him slide because he is a popular athlete. Yet, Emmett is more than just a "jock". He actually helps out his Nana and would give up his woman for the guy she has a crush on. For these reasons, i fell in love with Emmett even more. 

Let me take a brief moment to mention the intimate "lessons" that Emmett taught Lucy. They were for "research" purposes as Emmett is a very generous guy. Let's just say that Lucy got an "A+". While Emmett and Lucy may have been the main characters in this book, the other characters provided entertainment to the story. Glad to see that Lucy's girlfriends, Grace and Kelsie with both get their own books. Falling for the Fake Boyfriend is a romping, steamy good time!


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