Book Review: Dark Prophecy


I have lived, and I have died four times. Now I’m back, and this time my men are with me. Rafe, Cyrus, Deckland, and Maleki. My moon, my heart, my sun, my soul, my everything. The secret is that this journey has never been about me. It’s always been about them. They’re the key, and as we prepare for the final showdown, I know that this is our last shot. No more reincarnations, no more chances to do it right next time. This time, if I lose someone, they’re gone for good. Can I keep all the people I love most safe?

Old friends and new will come together one last time. One last battle. One last chance to overcome this prophecy once and for all. We’ve paid our dues, and that throne will be mine. But as the time to face Summer grows closer, that dark voice inside me grows louder. I fear that there will be a final price to pay to see this through, and it might be too steep. The prophecy may claim me after all, as it demands everything that makes me… me.

My Review

This book is the perfect ending to this series. It was great to see all of Alana's former mates Rafe, Cyrus, Deckland, and Maleki back again. It just made this book this more special having them all together. I fell in love with them even more. Alana is one very lucky woman.

The first third of the story was spent focusing on Alanda and her mates. Which i did not mind. It was a different dynamic having all the men together from the prior books. So just seeing how they interacted with one another was entertaining.

The rest of the story then was about how to stop Summer. This is where all the action happened, and the pacing of the story did pick up. A fitting ending to this series.


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