Kiss Me at Sunset


Michelle Bosak is finding her way in life again at age fifty after being widowed for over a year. She's always had an adventurous side, but entering a wet t-shirt contest amongst twenty-somethings? Sure, why not. It was harmless fun. She never factored in the instant electric attraction to the sexy mountain of a man acting as bouncer in the contest. And then to discover he's a talented musician who makes her heart yearn again? Yeah, the night just got a lot more interesting.

Xander Phillips enjoys playing music with his band, helping his sister at her bar, and living life freely on his terms. But one look at the hot little woman on stage has him all out-of-sorts. He can't resist staring at her gorgeous body, touching her flawless skin, and finding a way to learn all there is to know about her.

When the night goes from get-to-know-you conversation to a round of sex that's hotter than the Florida sun, will these seemingly opposites—who discover they have much in common—make room in their lives for more?

My Review

Laura had me at the first several pages of this book. Instantly, I knew I was going to be in for a great time reading this book. Which I was not disappointed an finished it in one day. Kiss Me at Sunset brings the laughter and the steam (sex scenes)!

Michelle and Xander were heating up every moment behind the closed bedroom doors. Because Xander had no issues with Michelle's age, there was no awkwardness between them or me. In fact, Michelle seemed younger then her age of fifty. This is because she was so upbeat and just willing to try things with Xander. They balanced each other out very nicely. If you are looking for your next romance book to read, pick up a copy of Kiss Me at Sunset. A must read.


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