Book Review: Untamed Devil


I'm not ready to be a single dad...

I had my life all figured out.

Hockey. A revolving door of women. No strings. No worries.

Until my sister runs off with a man she's just met and leaves my nine-year-old niece in my living room with nothing but a backpack, a stuffed snake named Leo, and a broken heart.

I need help.

Elle Hurst was only supposed to be in my life for one night--a curvy distraction with a big heart and a wicked sense of humor. But she's volunteered to watch Chloe while she's in town, and I have no choice but to let her.

It can't last.

She has an expiration date, a life to get back to in Savannah, and I don't do relationships. I know people don't stick around no matter how much you want them to--it's a lesson I've been taught my whole life.

I won't risk losing my heart...or will I?

My Review

What a yummy, quick read. Untamed Devil is right. Tag is a handsome devil. Although, Elle is a bit cheeky herself. While, I did love these two I do have to admit that my heart was won over by Chloe. I can't help it when an adorable child is featured in a story. Plus, she had some good liners that came out of her mouth that had me laughing. 

I love that Tag changed his attitude instantly when he realized the delicate situation with his niece, Chloe and was ready to step up; even if he was not prepared. I instantly fell in love with Elle. When you combine Tag and Elle, you get some very hot sex. 

Untamed Devil scores a hat trick with great characters, wonderful storyline, and scoring both on and off the ice!


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