Book Review: Anny's Adventure in a Derelict House


A short story!

Anny, a twelve year old fun loving and caring girl. Who is living a simple life and spends most of her day with her two best friends, Lisa and Aina.

But little did she know that an adventure of a lifetime awaits Anny, an adventure in a house situated in the middle of her neighborhood.

An adventure in a derelict house.

My Review

I like this short story. It has the elements of a horror story. Which for the age range of the geared reading audience and the age of the characters in the story, it is good. However, fans of horror stories that are older will find that the horror level is very mild. It could have been amped up a few more notches. 

The story did feel a bit rushed. This is were the suspense could have been drawn out just a bit. The girls heard strange noises and the next moment in the story it is brushed aside and the girls are playing ball. If just a few more moments were spent on the girls wondering what the noise was, it would have kept the suspense up; so that when Anny walked into the house, my fear level would have been up. I was not expecting the ending!

Overall, I still did find this to be an enjoyable read. I would read another book by this author. 

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