The Dream Catcher Codes


Powered by the elements earth, air, fire, and water, and secret messages from mystical dreamcatchers, four girls join forces on a quest to recover the stolen piece of the sacred Crystal Horseshoe. Snatched by a giant raven during a raging storm, this ancient talisman holds the Codes of Nature and is the very key to its survival. Maia from the North has been called by Sophia, Guardian of Mother Earth, to find and lead the Crystal Warriors on this daring path into the unknown. 

Faclon, Ava, and Yue complete the circle of four, and together bravely face what lies ahead. But time is running out. The bees are dying. The oceans are filled with plastic. Humanity has lost its way. And the girls' search is threatened by shapeshifters in the sky who want the crystal destroyed. Will this fierce cowgirl sisterhood, with mythical horses by their side, overcome the destructive forces of greed and heal Mother Earth? Guided by the ancestors, wisdom from river and rock, symbols and stones, and the plant and animal kingdoms, each girl must rely on her own courageous spirit in order to protect the future of the planet she loves.

My Review

I liked this book. The concept for the story is unique but at the same time infuses an important lesson about Mother Nature and carrying for her. As the environment is changing with global warming; it is very important that we care for the planet while we are living.

The girls Maia, Faclon, Ava, and Yue represent the four elements... water, earth, fire, and air. There is a spiritual vibe to the tone of the story that is nice. It does play nicely into the story. 

While, I did like this book; I did find a disconnect with story and the girls. For some reason, I struggled to make a strong emotional connection with the girls. Thus in turn I was reading the words on the pages but they were not resonating with me all the time. 

This is the type of book that young readers could read. It is age appropriate. 


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