The One You're With


High-school sweethearts Mac and Edie Swan lead a seemingly picture-perfect life in the sleepy-sweet community of Oak Hill, near Mobile, Alabama. Edie is a respected interior designer, Mac is a beloved pediatrician, and they have two great kids and a historic home on tree-lined Linden Avenue. From the outside, the Swan family is the definition of “the good life.” And life is good—mostly. Until a young woman walks into Mac’s office one day. A young woman whose very existence threatens all Mac and Edie have built and all they think they know about each other.

Nineteen years after a summer apart, with a family and established lives and careers, the past that Mac and Edie thought they left behind has come back to greet them. For the first time, constants in their lives are called into question: their roles as parents, their reputation as upstanding members of the community, and the very foundations of their marriage. As they wade through the upheaval in both their family and professional lives, they must each examine choices they made long ago and chart a new course for their future.

My Review

This story could have been depressing but it was not. I say this because of the way that Edie reacted when she learned shocking news from Mac. Which I am not blaming her for her reaction as I would have had the same reaction and feelings. It just is the fact that Edie could have been the bitter wife through out the story but she did not become that person. 

Thus in turn I was not turned off by anyone and embraced them all. This book may be fiction but it felt real. This shows that I really embraced the characters and the story. It was such an easy read for me because of these factors. Readers will like this book. I know I did and want to read more books by this author. 


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