Mister Bennett


The occupation she’s waited for. An undeniable attraction. One risk they shouldn’t take.

Levelheaded photographer Becca knows what she wants. Her dream country home away from it all. But she lands the career of her dreams, capturing her boss behind the camera lens and falls hard for him.

Famous model Grant Bennett’s a billionaire. He’s confident, toned and gorgeous. And completely off limits. But it’s his green piercing eyes that captivate her and she can’t resist. Putting her goals in jeopardy when he’s fallen for her, too.

Becca never expected to be attracted to Mr. Bennett. She needs to withstand the hold he has over her. Their careers depend on it. But one night alone with him could change it all. Can she capture Mr. Grant Bennett’s heart?

My Review

This is a quick read. The first half is where the sex and steaminess plays out. The latter half is more on the sweeter side. Despite, the hot chemistry between Grant and Becca I have to admit that in in the beginning I was not feeling the story. 

I will explain why. I am not always a fan of "instalove" and that is what it was for Grant and Becca. They meet an fall into bed right away. For me I wanted a bit more of a meet and greet. Becca came off as too willing and Grant a bit full of himself. Yet, the latter half of the story is where the character development came into play. 

The more I got to know Becca and Grant, the better I warmed up to them. This is especially true for Grant. He is a man with a kind heart and easy on the eyes as well. So, if you are looking for a steamy but quick read pick up a copy of this book today. 


Mystica said…
I think I downloaded this one. Now looking forward to reading it.

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