Queenie Malone's Paradise Hotel


My Review

I tried reading this author's prior novel, The Wisdom of Sally Red Shoes. It was a no go for me. I tried several times and found myself not engaged in the story or the characters. However, after reading this book, I will pick up the prior novel again and give it another chance. 

As I got to know Tilly and the childhood she had; I am glad she had people like Queenie and others in her life. Not to say that her parents were bad. Tilly loved and adored her father but as she read her mother's diary, she came to learn that her mother truly loved her with all her heart the best way she could. Queenie Malone's Paradise Hotel is a sweet, enjoyable read. 

Last parting words "Tell your loved ones you love them often and loudly. Don't assume they know you love them" Sometimes all it takes is three simple words to make someone's day better.


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