Let's Learn About Chemistry

Let's Learn about Chemistry is a board book for children ages 0+. The goal of the book is to introduce science language early, with fun everyday examples. With an interactive storyline asking, Which of these things is not like the other? children are introduced to chemistry concepts. The illustrations show four children playing with their favorite toys. They take turns guessing and explaining throughout the book. It is a colorful, engaging, and educational way to read about science! 

Stephanie Ryan founded Ryan Education Consulting LLC in 2016. She earned her Ph.D. in Learning Sciences with a focus on Chemistry Education. Let’s Learn About Chemistry is her first children’s book. 

My Review

I found this picture book to be very educational. Author, Stephanie Ryan does a great job of getting children excited about chemistry and science. The things that are featured in this book about chemistry will make some children grow up to be scientists.

Yet, even though the explanations are not overly complex, I would say that they are still too high level for the really young children to comprehend. The young readers will like the pictures as they are bright, fun, and not too busy. However, the older children will have a better understanding and appreciate the lessons on chemistry better.


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