Rules for Thursday Lovers

Information about the Book
Title: Rules for Thursday Lovers
Author: Yana Stajno
Release Date: 16th July 2015
Genre: Fiction
Page Count: 340
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

When old school friends, Angie and Fiona, bump into one another at a rather drunken timeshare event aboard a barge on the river Thames, their reunion will prove to be auspicious. Bored with her life, Fiona insists they both need some excitement. Their marriages have grown stale; their previous hopes and dreams confined to the top shelf, just out of reach. Both women crave romance, not a timeshare apartment. Timesharing a lover; now that would be interesting... Auditions are swiftly convened at London Zoo, with hopefuls including a language student, an opera singer and a pickpocket. Their advert also falls into the hands of a young lawyer called Jake, a colleague of Angie's solicitor husband on a sperm-ownership case. To make sure they each play fair, the women create a list of rules by which they will court and enjoy a man of their mutual choosing. But when has love ever been fair, especially amongst friends?

My Review

Ok, so can we talk for a moment about the title of this book. How fun and original is it. This book is a quick read. Yet, the humor that I was looking for did escape me. I smiled a few times but did not laugh out loud like I wanted and hoped for.

Of the two women, Fiona and Angie; Angie was my favorite. She was more likable. Therefore, I was cheering for her. I mean, two women sharing a man; it is bound to happen that one of them will connect on a better level with the guy, even if there are "rules".

Speaking of the "guy. Jake was kind and good looking. With each turn of the page, I found myself falling more and more in love with Jake. While, I may not have loved this book, I would read another one by this author.

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