Never Have I Ever

Twenty years ago
Four teenagers discover a new game.
They add their own rules, going from sharing secrets to sharing firsts.
And then it all goes spiraling out of control.

A woman gets a note through her door which chills her blood
'Never have I ever been punished for what I have done'
She thought this was over. But it looks like it's her turn to play
Because no matter how far it goes, you have to obey the rules of the game. And the game is never really over.

My Review

I think we have all played the game, Never Have I Ever. Yet, the version that most of us played was probably on the "mild" side. In this book, Sam and her friends played a more "riskier" version that was a cross between Never Have I Ever and Dare. Things started out innocently but quickly escalated to things like breaking into the school, pranks on people, etc.

Sam is fine. If the things that were not happening to her, she would have been just another person. Not really that intriguing. She did not seem to be in a good marriage and her book was developing slowly.

I had a feeling that I figured out who the culprit was early on but I was wrong. Not that I am sad about it as when it comes to these types of books, I like when I am wrong. It means that the author was able to do a good job of the plot twists. Yet, what I struggled with was how subtle the things that were happening to Sam were. Plus, Sam did not really freak out which she should have discovering she had a stalker out to get her.

The pacing of this story is slow and steady. Overall, this was a pretty good book.


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