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I grew up reading Little Women. It is a classic book. Of course, I have also watched the different movie versions as well. My favorite is the one with Wynonna Rider, Claire Danes, and Susan Sarandon. So, it was a little hard for me in the beginning to separate myself from the imagines of the March sisters as I knew and loved them growing up.

In this book, the March sisters are living in a modern world. Meg is married to John caring for her twins, DJ and Daisy. Than there is Jo. She is a blogger and also works in a restaurant as a prep cook. She falls for her boss. Finally, there is Amy, who is a jet setter and Beth, who dreams of making it big in the music industry.

There were many similarities but at the same time differences in this book. I did like this modern twist on the March sisters. However, I still could not stop but compare this book to the original. Meg and Jo are the main leads of this book like the title suggests. My favorite was Jo. Meg was kind but a bit whiny about missing her life "before kids" but at the same time she would complain how she would not change a thing about her married life. Amy was still spoiled. Poor Beth, she was still kind of left with not much of a starring role.

This book does have a happy ending like the original and maybe even hints at more to come.

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Mystica said…
After reading your review, I am looking forward to reading this one.

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