Back Cover Blurb: Three people collide over cocaine
Impacted by the recession, twenty-four-year-old artist Gina McKenna is down to her last few dollars and days away from living in her car when a successful businessman buys a painting and commissions another. As their relationship evolves, she's seduced by his charm and mesmerized by his luxurious lifestyle until she discovers he's a drug kingpin. As her world turns upside down, she struggles to survive vicious brutality. 

Miguel Lopez is a cocaine supplier with a weightlifter's physique and 'the rules do not apply to me' attitude. Maniacal and ruthless, he has no qualms about killing anyone who interferes with his distribution network, including Gina. 

Dedicated to eradicating illegal drugs, DEA Special Agent Bobby Garcia spent months and hundreds of thousands of dollars working undercover to buy his way up a dealer chain to identify the moneyman. When his fourteen-year-old daughter overdoses on cocaine, he traces the blow to Lopez. As Bobby's mission becomes personal, he makes emotional decisions, which negatively impact civilians and his job. Unable to let go, he risks his career to orchestrate the biggest drug sting in Southern California. What happens isn't what he expected. When a deputy district attorney meets Gina at a party, he is smitten. As his attraction grows, so does Gina's involvement with the DEA's case, of which he is the designated prosecutor. Mindful of his professional ethics, he tries to stifle his feelings. 
Sex and violence permeate the twists and turns of this cautionary tale about choosing one's friends well.

My Review

I love when a book comes together nicely. That is what author, Michele I. Khoury did with Busted. All of the research that the author did was nicely displayed in this book...from the characters, plot, and everything from the beginning, middle, and end.

The characters are intriguing and not one dimensional, this includes Miguel. Even though he was a bad guy, I still found him very personable. Gina turned out to be quite the star. She started out as an innocent butterfly but she grew stronger as the story progressed. There was a bit of a romantic aspect to the story but it was muted as to not overtake the overall storyline. The only thing I should be booked and "busted" for is enjoying this book way too much.

Author bio: Michele I. Khoury, an award-winning entrepreneur in the technology industry, lives in Orange County, California with her husband and two rescued dogs, Bubbles and Thriller. While attending the University of California Irvine's Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced Novel Writing program, she created “Busted.”Amazon link: https://www.amazon.com/Busted-Michele-I-Khoury/dp/1684097703/ref=
Web Link: www.michelekhoury.com
Facebook:  https://facebook.com/authormichelekhoury


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