The Last Breath is a breath taking good read!

From a remarkable new voice in suspenseful women's fiction comes an emotionally searing drama about a woman who risks her life to discover the devastating truth about her family…

Humanitarian aid worker Gia Andrews chases disasters around the globe for a living. It's the perfect lifestyle to keep her far away from her own personal ground zero. Sixteen years ago, Gia's father was imprisoned for brutally killing her stepmother. Now he's come home to die of cancer, and she's responsible for his care—and coming to terms with his guilt.

Gia reluctantly resumes the role of daughter to the town's most infamous murderer, a part complete with protesters on the lawn and death threats that are turning tragedy into front-page news. Returning to life in small-town Tennessee involves rebuilding relationships that distance and turmoil have strained, though finding an emotional anchor in the attractive hometown bartender is certainly helping Gia cope.

As the past unravels before her, Gia will find herself torn between the stories that her family, their friends and neighbors, and even her long-departed stepmother have believed to be real all these years. But in the end, the truth—and all the lies that came before—may have deadlier consequences than she could have ever anticipated

My Review

This book is more than just a book. The Last Breath is a breath taking good read! Instantly I felt for Gia, her father, her brother, sister, and Uncle. What they all were going through as a family felt very real. From the anger, sadness, fear of facing reality, death, love, and the truth. So many emotions. The author did a wonderful job of weaving them all into the characters and the story.

Right from the beginning however I had a really good idea of who killed Gia's mother and why. However this did not keep me from still reading the book and wanting to see how it would all play out. Again it had to do with the author and her talent for telling a good story. The characters just leap off the pages and invited me to read their story. I look forward to reading more books by Kimberly Belle.


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