Stone Cold Touch

Hey, Stephanie Meyers, this is how you do a love triangle. I tried to read the Twilight books but they were not for me. OR I should clarify that I attempted to read the first book. I did see the movies but only after the second one came out. I just never really felt the romance between Bella and Edward or even Jacob. Edward made me feel uncomfortable. Yet, I really felt and experienced the passion with Layla, Roth and Zayne. The heat was coming off the pages of the book. Although this time it was more between Layla and Zayne. Not that I am complaining as these two were hot together.

This book was really good. This is because the banter between Roth and Zayne was off the charts. They were whipping the one line zingers at each other so quickly I almost got whip lash. I was laughing at the insults they were giving each other. Layla's friends rocked too. They had bigger parts in the story as well. Also, it was cool to get to see the Warderns shape shift more. Layla and her powers are really growing and changing and making her very interesting. The way this book ended has me even more antsy to get my hands on the next book in this series.


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