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House of Wonder is a charming, endearing read. Jenna and her family may be different but I like different. I would not call them weird as I would call them quirky. Which is what makes them unique. I like the way the author gave both Jenna's mother, Silla and brother, Warren mental illnesses but did not make them debilitating with them. Rose was such a doll. She helped to liven things up in the story. The relationship she and Warren had was a good one. Also, I like that the author slowly revealed Silla's past and how it affected and shaped her into the person she was now. It really gave me a good insight into who she is as a person and helped me become closer to her as well.

While Warren may not have said much in the story, he was still an very important person in this book and one to listen to. You just had to have patience. The budding romance between Jenna and Bobby was great. I like that they took things slowly and let it develop into something. They made a cute couple. I look forward to reading the next book by this author.

I have 1 copy to give away. US. Leave a comment with email address. Winner chosen Sept 7


traveler said…
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