Wear Your Dreams: My Life in Tattoos

I know the name Ed Hardy but I know nothing about him as a person. In fact, I have never purchased any item with the Ed Hardy name. This is the same reason I have never purchased anything with Tommy Hilfiger, South pole, or any other famous name. It is because one I don’t believe the price is really worth the item just because of the name that is on the item and also because I am not going to be a walking billboard to advertise some famous person’s name.

So for me I thought this was an interesting read as far as memoirs go. It was funny reading that when Ed was younger he would charge all the neighbor kids to be tattooed. He would use eyeliner for the black outline. Also, there was Ed’s first time trying to tattoo his first back piece on anyone. It was a woman which back than was not so common as now a days. Let’s just say that it did not go well…alcohol= passed out client, motel room, and an unfinished piece. I have to say that learning from many different people and finding out what you like to master in will only make you a better artist.


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