The Highway is a roller coaster of a great read!

I had a co-worker and fellow reader tell me to check out Mr. Box. I heard of him but had not read anything of his work. She told me to read this book. She read it in the hardback format. I kind of forgot about it as I had many other books on my shelf to currently read. It was not until the paperback copy was released that I remembered my friend telling me about this book. So I decided to pick up a copy and check out what Mr. Box was all about.

Mr. Box made me think of a favorite author of mine Mr. Rick Mofina. I love Mr. Mofina's books and can read them in one sitting. I think that Mr. Box is going to be another one of my favorite authors like Mr. Mofina. This is because I read this book almost in one sitting. I would have too if it had not already been too late at night. Even though this is my first book, I instantly felt a connection with Cassie and Cody. They each brought something good to the story. The ending was good too. Now back to checking out the prior novels. The Highway is a roller coaster of a great read!


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