Forgiving Lies

Rachel and her best friend, Candice are college roommates. Rachel used to have a school girl crush on Candice's cousin. Things quickly take a nasty turn when Rachel goes out with Candice's cousin. Rachel does not trust men now. At least Rachel will have some time to herself this summer. She and Candice have rented an apartment while Candice is teaching at a cheerleading summer camp.

Kash and his partner, Mason have just moved into the apartment building and across the hall from Rachel and Candice. Kash and Mason are undercover cops. Kash did not plan on falling for Rachel but he has and hard. I mean if this is not love than I don't know what is...Kash wears wear sweats, eat ice cream, and watch Bridesmaids, all while comforting Rachel.

I have strayed away from the romance novels for a while. Not that I don't read them here and there but usually they are my last choice. However lately there has been this new genre emerging. You might have heard of it or not. It is called "New Adult".  The best way to describe this genre is that it is right above "Young Adult" and before "Adult". The stories feature characters that are in their early twenties. They are faced with issues that anyone at their age would have to deal with currently. The romance level in these books are at the mild to medium level.

Wow, Kash and Rachel are a great couple. Even with all that Rachel went though and was currently dealing with, she still could kick some ass. I loved Kash and Rachel's witty banter between the two of them. Then there was the nickname "Sour Patch Kid". Ha-ha. A funny but endearing nickname. If I wanted someone to give me a nickname, I would be cool with "Sour Patch Kid".  The ending is not what I expected. I now have to wait until the next book to find out what happens!


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