Claire Ryan can sum up the existence of her current life in one word...boring. All Claire does is eat, sleep, and care for her dog. It did not use to be like this. Claire's life changed after the break up of her relationship.

Evan is the owner of the bookshop, Bibliophile. It has been a long time (I mean a loooooooong time, if you get my drift) since he has been with someone. Not since his wife died of ovarian cancer. Now all Evan can think about is Claire. Just the thought of her gets him aroused. However things really heat up once Claire and Evan get to know each other better.

I like a good erotic novel like the rest of them. However I will say it again. I want the build up from the characters. I don't want them to just start doing it right away or in this case thinking about it right away. For example in the beginning when Evan was jerking off to Claire's imagine, he came off as horny and desperate.

As the story progressed my feelings towards Evan never got much better. I found a lacking connection towards him. He came off very domineering. Which as far as I know the master is that way in BDSM. However I thought he could have been a little nicer to Claire as she was her first adventure into this world. He would be mean but then in the next moment he would quickly turn it off and be tender. He was like Mr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Finally there was Claire. She was weak. I cam imagine that being in her situation can be scary but she is the one that agreed. She would try to act like she was meek when she did like it. She came off as annoying with her big tears. This book was alright.


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