Haven is the story of Kennedy Shaw. A Senior at Woodrow Wilson High School. This is Kennedy's account of the events that took place. It is pretty amazing that someone can put into words a zombie attack. I give Kennedy kudos.

Ok first off I have to say that sarcasm helps. No I am not being a wise-ass. My other first language besides English is Sarcasm. When it is not snarky then the sarcasm that the characters give off can add to their whole persona or lighten the mood. In this case, the sarcasm did both. I mean hello not everyone can be all rainbows and unicorns after just surviving a zombie attack. Besides this is high school people. No one really likes each other.

However I thought that the group was kind of clueless in the beginning. Seriously, you did not notice that all the streets were increasingly quiet or the broken glass. Well not until Harrison pointed it out to Kennedy. I thought that both Kennedy and Harrison were suppose to be the leaders. It is funny however that all the characters made me think of a horror movie. They are main staples of a horror flick. You have the jock, the mean girl, the weak one, the cute one, and the girl who survives.

My only real gripe with this book was that it did read a little zombie 101. Like everyone was quoting what they had seen in movies, television shows, or books. Otherwise I did think this was a pretty good book.

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