The Moon and More

Emaline would rather be on the beach than helping her sister and family run Colby Realty. At least Emaline has her cute boyfriend, Luke. All the ladies want him. They have been together so long that their families have joked that they will be married.

Emaline’s plans for the summer however involve applying for college, getting to know her biological father, hanging with friends, and learning who Theo is. Theo is one of the summer renters. He is much more mature than Luke and he likes Emaline.

I was ready for a fun, light-hearted summer, beach read. Unfortunately I did not find what I was looking for in this book. Yes, the story was light and fluffy but it did not really have any meat to the storyline. With the characters there was no connection. No one made me like them or really want to be their friends. When it came to the two guys...Luke and Theo…I choose neither. Luke was childish and Theo was a bit of a snob. The reason I did not feel anything for Luke besides what I already said was because Emaline and Luke were already getting towards the break up stage of their relationship.


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