I am familiar with Marilyn. However I would not say that I know a lot of details about her. In fact if I was to be quizzed, I would flunk. So then why would I read a book about Marilyn? To be honest, if I had not been sent this book to review it then I would not be aware of it and would never have known about it. This would have been a real bad shame.

Marilyn’s Red Diary gives the reader a vivid inside depth look into the “real” Marilyn. This book is a speedy read. I really liked the way it was written with the diary entries. It made me feel like I really was seeing everything through Marilyn’s eyes if not stepping into her shoes. It was sad reading this book as well. Reading Marilyn’s story made me think of another famous blonde, Anna Nicole. Marilyn was a woman with a heart of gold that just wanted to be loved and fell for the wrong guys. Mr. Friedel did a good job with this book and giving Marilyn her voice again.


Julius Eloke said…

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