Noah and his sister, Lo are visiting their grandmother for the summer. Noah is excited as he got an internship with Professor Foster. The professor is big on biology. Noah is hoping to use this to his advantage to learn all that he can. What Noah did not picture was himself in a room with tons of boxes sorting and filing papers.

All Lo wants to do is draw and paint. However she is obsessed with her weight. Noah is concerned for Lo’s health. Noah and Lo both will get the summer of a lifetime when Noah rescues Mara out of the ocean. You see Mara is a selkie.

I have not read many selkie themed books. I wonder why that is as I think these books are just as important as the mermaid ones. Yes, in an essence mermaids and selkies are kind of the same. Also you might be say “Who cares” both are not real. Well that is besides the point.

Thus this is the reason why I chose this book to read. I wanted to read more about the selkies. Which I did like the author’s take on the selkies. She really did talk about the selkie legend involving their skin and how if someone possessed the selkie’s skin then the selkie was a slave to that person. Thus there were a lot of marriages.

What I could have done without in this book was the girl and girl romance involving one of the elder selkies when she was a young girl and Lo’s eating disorder. Neither of these events I felt really have to do with the book or added to it. Otherwise I did feel that this was a good first book by new author, Betsy Cornwell.


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