Neil Abbott was found knocking at deaths door after a winter storm raged over Albatross. People thought that Neil had gone mad but they were incorrect. Neil was just saving the world. However to first learn how Neil saves the world; you have to learn about the three transformational experiences that defined Neil’s life. Starting with Wondertown.
Neil and his parents are driving to visit his grandmother, Constance. Constance has a nickname for Neil and it is Rabbit. He asks her why she calls him that. Constance proceeds to tell Neil the story.

It takes place in a far off land that is divided into five regions…the Hills, forests, plains, valleys, and seas. Everything was fine until a young couple crossed the borders between the Hills and the Forests. This is where the story begins.

The illustrations are so wonderfully drawn. In great detail and color. The pictures almost leapt off my computer screen. They helped to tell the story. Another thing that helped immerse me into the book was the soundtrack. I have seen a few books with soundtracks but have never actually listened to the book’s soundtrack or at least all the way through. The songs were a perfect match to the setting of the book at that moment. What a fun thing to put together a book soundtrack. However as if this book needed any help.

The adventure of Rabbit was a good one. There were so many interesting characters that he met along the way. The ending ended on a high note. Plus it had a good moral to the story. One that everyone could learn to live by. Everyone will enjoy this book from young to old. Wondertown is full of wonder, charm, great characters, and has a rockin’ soundtrack. This book is worth your money and time.


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