Moka Becomes a Water Dog

Moka Becomes a Water Dog tells of how Moka learned to swim at our family cabin in the mountains. Our dog, Moka, has many adventures. In The Dog on My Feet Series, you will get to see some of those stories. Celebrate with me, Ethan, Mom, Dad and Moka all the adventures she has in her life.

Review by Aspen, age 10

Moka Becomes a Water Dog is about Lucas and Ethan's dog, Moka, who was afraid to swim at their cabin in the mountains. So they decided to buy her a flotie toy. The next day, they threw it into the water and she swam after it. After that, Moka became a water dog.
What I liked about the book is the activities in the back! I would definitely love to read  series, The Dog on my Feet!

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