Hell Above Earth is an incredible story of two friends bond that is not to be missed.

I am a fan of aviation. Reading abuot WWII as it related to aviation helps to make this subject matter more interesting to me. I have never heard about Werner Goering or Jack Rencher. After reading this book I agree with Mr. Frater's sentiments about Goering and Rencher... they are both good men, humble aviators, warriors, and best friends.

I start down to read this book and found I could not tear myself away from it. The only reason I did was because I had started this book right before bed and was falling asleep with it in my hands. I finished this book the next morning. Amazing how two men so different like Goering and Rencher were thrust together and becamse the best of friends. They literally had each other's back. Even during the war Goering remained a quiet man but he was able to connect with Rencher. I had a smile on my face when I read about the situation that started these two men's friendship. They had been out and both of them realizing that neither one had any money, so they double timed it all the way back to base just in time for 7:00 am roll call.

Goering is a really good pilot. He watched out for his men. It is amazing how many missions that he and Rencher went out on and yet brought back all of their crew. Mr. Frater did a great job of protraying these men and the special bond they shared. I can imagine as time passed and the closer that Goering and Rencher got with each other, the harder it became for Rencher to spend any thought on the idea of killing Goering. However I don't blame Rencher for volunterring for the assignment of killing Goering if he had to. There was a war going on and desperate times called for desperate measures. Just like Goering, I was sad when he and Rencher were no longer polioting together. Hell Above Earth is an incredible story of two friends bond that is not to be missed. You have got to run and pick yourself up a copy of this book before it flies off the bookshelves!


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