A Fine Romance

Review by Nancy

Book Two in the Aisle Bound series is wonderful. It is funny, serious, will make you bee-line to your favorite bakery (YUM!) and a great way to spend a wintery day at home.

When Mira is left stranded at O’Hare Airport by her best friend Ivy’s “guy” friend Sam she is way to the left of pissed off. The next day she unlocks the door to her new store and sees an intruder whom she promptly bops on the head with a lead crystal vase. Yep, Sam – who has a key to let deliverymen in. Not an auspicious start for a friendship, much less more.

A Fine Romance is Ivy’s dream store and Mira has been hired to run it. Over-the-top food, picnic baskets, napkins, the whole deal. All aimed at the consumers ending up eventually at Ivy’s main store, Aisle Bound. A great marketing strategy.

Sam has the Bakery next door or, rather the Bakery with the Dutch door between them. Run by Sam and his mother, the Lyons Bakery sells $5K wedding cakes along with the usual. Sam is a Culinary-educated hunk who falls for Mira nearly as hard as she falls for him. However – their crowd of Ivy, her fiancée Ben, Gib the womanizer, Milo the friend and confidante, and Daphne, Mira’s roomie all warn them of what will happen if they grow too close. Also, there’s that little part in Mira’s trust fund about her becoming a self-made millionaire before she turns 30 or be married off to someone of her parent’s choosing…And what about Sam’s little sister off playing with the rich in Europe. ALL of Europe??

A great book worth the time to read and chuckle over. Beware your sweet tooth this will have your mouth watering!

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Janel Gradowski said…
I'm a foodie fiction junkie, but somehow I haven't heard of this series. Sounds like a good one, too. So happy I caught your review!

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