It is a Force of Habit

Review by Nancy

In Force of Habit, we realize that although nuns terrified us in school and hospitals and even in Church they have their own lives – and secrets. Sister Madeline would’ve fit right in. Especially in the secret column.
When the backwoods convent she has been cloistered in hears of old friends dying it’s a shock. They didn’t just drop dead – nope. These folks raised the “dead bar” a bit. The first jumped off a cruise ship in to the propellers. Yucky to say the least. Someone/something is after Sr. Maddie’s old friends and Sr. Maddie herself is included.

We meet Sister Madeline in the road. Driving a carriage being pulled by two teen-aged novice nuns. That’s the calm part…Fake police, male visitors asking for a Madeline Spree. “Old sins can’t be prayed away. There are lessons to be learned, penances to pay.” And the Executive.

I wish I’d been a nun, sometimes. Of course it helps if you’re Catholic and I’m not. However…..most of the nuns I’ve known were a hoot to work with. Sister Madeline would fit in there as well. Go get this book – you’ll love it!

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