Its a Diamond Life

Big time record producer, Jake, would rather drown his sorrows in Jack and Coke or what ever else his poison is than grieve for the loss of is wife, Kipenzi. Kipenzi died in a plane crash. Although, the loss of his wife does not stop Jake from gaining an interest in waitress, Lily.

Lily is not impressed by Jake's fame. Although he grows on her the more time they share together.

Ras Bennett has a big problem. The last time he saw Cleo, he acted like everything was normal though Ras should have put a stop to things. It has been a year since Ras hooked up with Cleo. Since than Ras has cleaned up his act and he and his wife have a reconnected with each other. Just too bad that Ras forgot to inform Cleo of this fact. She is back! Now, Ras must choose between his wife or Cleo.

Z is just trying to right all of his wrongs. His oldest son, Zander is busy in the studio and his other son, Jake is trying to deal with the loss of his wife.

Than there is Alex, who is enjoying the success of ghostwriting. His latest book is focused on Cleo.

Cleo is definitely a vixen. I did not like her but in a good way. She kept things interesting. I liked Jake and Lily. They did make a nice couple. It was nice that Lily did not fawn over Jake and his fame. If she had, I would not have believed their relationship as much.

I have to admit that it was a struggle in the beginning to read this book. All the characters had some major issues and drama. I was not sure how much of this I could take. This probably would not have been such an issue had I started with Platinum. Than I would have gotten to know the characters better and become more engaged with them. I decided to stick with the book and the characters. Luckily things picked up pretty quickly as this book was intriguing. It showed the grittiness of the hip hop world and that the women are the glue that hold their men together. The ending did finish strong and on a high note. Diamond Life shined!


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