Twang hits a high note and harmonizes perfectly!

Salome Field is one half of the famous country duo The Field Sisters. Her other half is Willa.

Billie Blotter’s Nashville Notes. He is working on putting together a tribute book on country’s hottest superstars. The book is called Nashville Undressed. Come join Billie as he interviews some of the greatest country stars and gets the dirt on them.

I loved Salome. She was definitely a country gal. She talked like one who was raised in the country but who was also a southern gal. For example, while she was talking to Billie she made a comment that I thought was funny like…”You know what they say about talk…”That and a bucket of spit won’t get you much. “

Twang dives behind the scenes of country music. It shows you both the glamorous and not so glamorous life of a country star. You will see where country stars get their inspiration for the songs that they sing. They are living proof of their songs. I could see similarities in the characters in this book with the real life country stars. I won’t name them but any country fan will be able to pick up on what I am talking about. Twang hits a high note and harmonizes perfectly!

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