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First off let me start by saying that I have not read many Beach Read books but Tan Lines has got to be the best one of the year so far. If you don't believe me than just read my review and if that isn't enough I am giving away a extra copy of Tan Lines to one lucky reader. US only. Sorry.


To enter you can do any or all of these items.

Post a comment till July 31st. Every comment you make will earn you 1 entry.

Blog about this contest as well as add me to your blog roll and get 2 entries. Post a link back to let me know you did this.

Also for every person you refer to my blog who mentions your name. You will get 3 entries.

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My review

Liza Pike has the perfect life. She is married to sexy, firefighter Justin. Also Liza is a regular on the TV show The Roundtable where she does her best work. She takes on the biggest names in the industry business of entertainment. Liza is a feminist who is huge on women’s rights. Her latest victim is movie director Harrison Beck of “Watch Her Bleed”. Harrison’s latest movie is a slasher movie. Some people applaud Liza’s feminist ways but others aren’t so pleased with her and want to shut her up for good but who could it be? There are numerous people who don’t like Liza like Harrison who Liza has commented on national television about his manhood, than there is her husband Justin; they haven’t had sex in years and when Liza states this fact in front of one of her co-workers, Justin is mad. When Liza starts receiving death threats she doesn’t take them too seriously as she knows she has made enemies in the business and doesn’t care. So are the threats just someone’s way to put Liza in her place or are the threats for real?

Kellyanne Downey is young, beautiful, and blonde. She is also the mistress to rich developer, Walter Isherwood. Kellyanne wants to be a successful actress. She gets approached by Brad “Bonzi” Lucas, producer for a reality show called “Soul Mates”. Kellyanne agrees to be a contestant on the show not realizes what a sleaze Brad is. Brad decides that he is going to make Kellyanne out to be the drunk slut of the show unless she sleeps with him. All Kellyanne wants is some respect and to be loved is that too hard to ask?

Billie Shelton is a famous rock star. Unfortunately Billie’s star is falling fast, that is until she is given a second chance. Amy Dando, Billie’s manger introduces Billie to Todd Bana of Olympic Records, who wants to work with Billie. Todd tells Billie that the
White Tiger, a songwriting group has some songs that they think would be great for Billie. The only hitch is that Billie would have to change her image from rock star to pop star. Billie experiences the high life when Todd has her try cocaine for the first time. Now between drinking and drugs, it will be a miracle if Billie completes her next album.

So these three friends decide to try and get away from their hectic lives and spend the summer in The Hamptons.

Ok so Tan Lines has been labeled as a great beach read and I say Tan Lines is a great read anytime. It has laugh a minute humor, fun, intrigue, adventure and three sexy women. Each one of the characters Liza, Kellyanne, and Billie were outstanding in their own ways. The nice part I liked about this book was that they all tried to band together to help each other out. Tan Lines is a book you can tell your girlfriends about and have them talking about it for a long time. Plus the most amazing thing is that Tan Lines was written by a man! J.J. Salem has just become a new favorite of mine. There has only been one other guy author where I have found his writing style to be so dead on with women’s’ personalities that it was scary. I can’t wait for J.J. Salem’s next novel Bikini Wax to drop. In the mean time if you haven’t picked up a copy yet of Tan Lines make sure to ……run not walk to the nearest bookstore and get yourself a copy today.

Check out J.J. Salem's website It is Smoking Hot!!!

Plus you have to check out this video on YouTube for the book. It is so funny.

To read more about the book go to

or to purchase the book


The Bookworm said…
sounds like a great read, I'll post about this on my blog later today :)
You've got a knack for selling these. No need to enter me (sadly; I've SO got to get caught up on what's already here), but I'm letting you know I posted a "Time to enter" at Win a Book.

Hope the book finds a great new friend.
Alea said…
I'd love to enter :) Contests are so fun aren't they! This is one of those books I originally passed on from shelf awareness and all these reviews are convincing me otherwise!
tetewa said…
Sounds great count me in!
Becky LeJeune said…
Ok, Cheryl. You were already on my blog roll, but I've posted a blog about this contest and here's my entry. I've not had a chance to read this one yet, but man is it getting rave reviews!
Unknown said…
Sounds like lots of fun to read!
Melsy626 said…
Thanks for the great contest, sounds like an awesome book!!!! :)

I've blogged about it here:

And also added you to my blogroll!!! :)

Thanks again!!!
Anonymous said…
This is completely my type of book!
Julie P. said…
I could use a light, entertaining read!
photoquest said…
Loved your review on this book I saw it listed the other day but had not read any reviews on it. After reading your I have put this at the top at my wish list! please enter me in the contest
photoquest said…
By the way i saw this posted at J-kayes blog spot!
Anonymous said…
Sounds great! I was referred by J. Kaye's book blog.
Cheryl - This does sound like a GREAT BEACH READ! And well...I can pretend! : ) I'm pretty sure you're already on my blog roll "Attending the Ball", but I'll make sure and I will link to it a little later. Thank you for the award! Your kindness is amazing and I will add it to my blog!
OF course you were already on my blog roll!! xoxo Amy!
Nan Greenwald said…
I would love a chance to win Tan Lines.
You are definitely on my blog roll, but I forgot to leave my post and link back to's right here.

Thanks SO much

xo Amy
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a good book.

I blogged about your contest here:
Would love to read your book!

Anonymous said…
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