The Girl Who Disappeared

The Girl Who Disappeared
by James Lingard

Information about the Book
Title: The Girl Who Disappeared
Author: James Lingard
Release Date: 14th January 2020
Genre: Historical Fiction
Page Count: 200
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Britain in the 1930s.
Emily falls passionately in love with working class Walter, despite fierce opposition from her class conscious father. She sees marriage as a partnership of equals and resolves to elope to escape such a male dominated society.

Emily’s actions will see her struggle to survive the subsequent devastation brought about by the war, as she and her four year old son are thrown into the midst of danger and death. The family experience rationing and the terror of bombing. Their air raid shelter is destroyed by a direct hit.

When Walter volunteers for the army, Emily and her son are evacuated to a rat infested cottage in a farming community near Hebden Bridge. The war changes Walter into an efficient army officer who demands to be obeyed. Emily worries that she might have a rival for his affections. How can she restore their loving relationship?

The Girl Who Disappeared is a moving love story about one woman’s enduring resilience, a story full of quiet humour and surprising twists and turns.

My Review

I enjoyed this book. It was a fast read. I was transported back in time and was along for the journey with Emily and Walter. There was a point where I was not feeling the friendliest feelings towards Walter. However by the end of the story, I was fine with Emily and Walter being together.

Which, speaking of Emily; I have to applaud her for standing up for herself. There was a moment in the beginning where I thought she might chicken out and stay under the rule of her father. At the last moment, she found her voice and joined Walter for their new life together.

I did enjoy this story but there was something that did keep me from fully embracing the characters. I was reading the book but not "into the book". If you know what I mean. Although, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would read another one by this author.

Author Information
James Lingard - educated at Dulwich College and University College London - became a leading City of London solicitor who specialized in banking law and insolvency.

A former Council Member of the Association of Business Recovery Professionals and of the European Association of Insolvency Practitioners, he became a Judicial Chairman of the Insolvency Practitioners Tribunal.

He was the founding President of the Insolvency Lawyers Association and also became Chairman of the Joint Insolvency Examination Board and of the Banking Law and the Insolvency Law Sub Committees of the City of London Law Society.

He is the original author of Lingard’s Bank Security Documents (LexisNexis Butterworths) now in its 7th edition and a number of other legal books. More recently, he has written Britain at War 1939 to 1945 (Author House) and now THE GIRL WHO DISAPPEARED.

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