She Rode a Harley + Giveaway

A schoolteacher escapes an abusive marriage and finds love on a blind date. Mary Jane's new husband Dwayne teaches her the joy of deep love and motorcycle, and he's sure that riding a Harley will restore her confidence. He ends up following the white lines with her through fifteen years of marriage. Traveling together, they learn to be partners, both on and off the road, until Dwayne is diagnosed with cancer. After losing her husband, Mary Jane once again must learn to live on her own--but she'll never be the same again.

My Review

I absolutely loved reading Mary Jane's story. Both tears and smiles were experienced while reading this book. This is one of the best memoirs I have red in a while. I felt like I got to really know Mary Jane. I was cheering for her the whole time.

When she found Dwayne; I was so happy for her. He was so kind to her and her daughter. He showed that love can come in the form of second chances. When Dwayne was diagnosed, it was sad. However, not as sad as when he passed away. I did shed tears. I was that invested in Mary and Dwayne's story. This is a must read memoir. I five star recommended read!

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