Smile Of The Stowaway

Smile of the Stowaway tells the tale of a married couple, a stranger from far away and a murder that rocks their lives. Desperate to reach England, a bedraggled immigrant clings precariously beneath a couple's motor home as they cross the Channel.

Once holidaymakers Bob and Anne overcome their shock at his discovery and their initial reservations, they welcome the friendly stranger into their home in defiance of the law. But their trust is stretched to the limit when the police accuse the smiling twenty-three-year-old of a gruesome murder?

My Review

I kind of expected this book to be a psychological thriller. Yet, it was more than that. This book took me on an emotional roller coaster about perception. I was so invested in all of the characters. I am not always a fan of first person narrative stories but I enjoyed it this time. Plus, it really worked. Bob did a good job of narrating the story and providing good insight into his and his wife's life with Yusuf.

The person I could relate to the most was Anne. The way she felt when she first met Yusuf and then how her relationship blossomed between her and him is how I would have reacted. First with reservation and even some anger towards my husband for allowing a stranger to stay. Than slowly forming a friendship. I like Anne was in disbelief that Yusuf could be considered a murder suspect.

Yet, the way the author wrote the story with little details given about Yusuf allows me the reader to form some doubts as to if Yusuf could be a killer. If you look at past history; there have been many killers that were the silent type. Mr. Bassett weaves a great story filled with multifaceted characters that will tug at your emotions.


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