Sunflower Touches

One more Brady Bunch joke, and I swear I will ugly cry in the corner!

Dad took seven years after Mom died to find the right woman. My stepmom is nice. I have no complaints but one. Like Dad, she has three daughters. If math is your defect, that’s six teenage girls in one house.

At least, we have a new house, but we also have a forced bonding project. It’s not a camping weekend—that’d be lame, but short. We have to share our craft and creative skills as a group to help each other with stuff. That’s what I get for offering to help with decorating this drab house. Even worse, it has to be recorded for the parents.

Add that to school, boys, friends, and our own stuff…when am I supposed to have any fun? I’m glad Dad is happy, but the sister explosion was never in the plan. I’m the oldest. I’m hoping a stepmom will free me from being mini mom. Maybe I’ll find the freedom to pursue my art, spend time with some interesting guys, and enjoy what’s left of high school.

My Review

I am a fan of this author's books. However, the name I know this author under is Cheryl Dragon. She writes erotica novels. I can barely remember a book that I have read that I did not like. So, when I got the chance to read this book I jumped at the chance. Yet, you could call me very curious about this book. I wanted to see how Ms. Dragon aka Ms. Oblon was at writing YA books. Well I am happy to report that Ms. Oblon can write YA books.

In the beginning I was team Chloe but then I quickly got on team Cat's side. However in the end I was on both of these girls sides (ok, may still a fan of Cat's more). The reason for this is because I found Cat to be a strong leader. She is smart, caring, and a bit sassy. Although, I liked Chloe's artist view point on life. While she may have been a little naïve, she grew stronger herself for it. Another thing that I liked about this book is the blended family and that everyone from the rest of the family to Cat and Chloe's friends all had voices in the story. I pictured Chloe's gay friend, Kyle to be more outgoing and full of personality, so I was disappointed that he was not. I have hung out with several gay friends who were like this so I am used to this type of personality. They are so much fun to be around. I can't wait to read the second book in this series which is Cat's story.

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