The Eternal Nazi: From Mauthausen to Cairo, the Relentless Pursuit of SS Doctor Aribert Heim

Ok, not that I am rooting for violence but I did think that this book would go into details more about Dr. Heim's procedures and his crimes. I thought that this book would focus on Dr. Heim's time in the concentration camp. Instead if focused more on the time span from when Dr. Heim escaped the camp and Police investigator Alfred Aedtner's hunt to find him.

The investigation was intriguing. It was amazing how Dr. Heim could be easily missed by the authorities. It is not like he really was hiding out that well. Well not in my opinion. He was able to do so because of all of the miscommunication or sloppy investigating. If it was not for people like Alfred not willing to give up then criminals would be able to get away with a lot more back in this time period. This book did more along quickly as it spanned time periods. A interesting look into history and events that should not be forgotten for the people who lived it.


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