The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly is a wonderous treasure of a read

Spourt is a lay hen. All she does is lay eggs. Her spot in the coop gives her a good view of the barnyard. She can see all the other animals. She is envious of the other chickens and their babies. Spourt dreams of having a baby of her own. However that is not possible as the farmer's wife takes all her eggs. So Spourt becomes uninterested in laying anymore eggs. Thus in the process, she becomes too weak. She is to be culled. By a miracle, Spourt survives with the help of a duck named Straggler.

Spourt gets shunned by the other farm animals. Spourt finds herself in the briar. There she finds a nest with an egg. The mother is no where to be found. Spourt lays on the egg and finds a sense of belonging.

I absolutely loved Spourt. She is one fierce hen. She won me over from the first moment I met her. She will always have a place in my heart and bookshelf. I could so get behind Spourt as I used to raise chickens. We also had ducks and turkeys. So I am familiar with farm life. The thought that all Spourt wanted was to lay an egg and raise a baby chicken was great. In addition, I have to give Spourt a big kudo for picking out her own name. The meaning behind Spourt's name is that "A spourt is the mother of flowers, it breathes, stands firm against the rain and wind, keeps the sunlight, and rears blindingly white flowers. If it weren't for spourts, there'd be no trees. A spourt is vital."

My other favorites of course were Straggler the duck and baby, Spourt's baby. Yes, Spourt had a baby! This is the type of book that you will want to read again and again. So you night want to pick up three copies. One to keep on your bookshelf, another to read over and over and the third to give to a friend. The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly is a wonderous treasure of a read!


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