Inherit the Throne

Review by Nancy

Plots upon plots. This is the only way I can describe this book. I loved it! It begins with someone changing places with the Vice-President of the United States and that person dies. Violently. Then the Speaker of the House gets a phone call from someone known as “Hannah” and she tells him that he will be President in one week. In a reminder of the “two heartbeats away from being President” theme, Sec. Hartford is also nearly kidnapped and his daughter is taken prisoner in a separate incident.

Meanwhile, in Oregon, Melissa Stone is tired. A waitress in a small-town dive; all she wants to do is go home and soak her feet for a couple of hours and go to bed. That was the plan. Until she gets home, can’t find her boyfriend and seems the reflection of a laser-sight in the refrigerator door behind her. Instantly, Melissa changes into a hunter. Something she was once, tried to stop being and is now forced to remember everything she had tried to forget.

What do Melissa, Hannah, really bad bad guys and the US President have in common? Several things, as it turns out. The author outdid himself with the plot twists and turns. The bad guys are truly bad, the good guys aren’t necessarily good and Melissa (or ?) isn’t at all a waitress in a diner. She may be the baddest one of all. And just who the hell is Hannah anyway?


Steve DeWinter said…
Thanks for having me on your blog today. I came here today all the way (for me) from ThrillerFest in New York City. The car horns are never-ending!

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